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Can animals communicate?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you could talk to animals and if animals could talk to you?

Well look no further because here are some of the animals in the world that can actually talk:

1.     Hoover the Seal: I the year 1971, Alice and her partner George swallow found a baby seal of the coast in Maine. The seal appeared to have no family, so they took him home and took good care of him.

When they introduced the seal to an Aquarium they mentioned it could talk but of course no one would believe that but after a while, they notice he could form words and say things like “ Get out of here” or “How are you”, they even noticed it could say its name.

He was admired by the world that when he died there was a special burial for him though he had some kids none had his unique gift.

2.      Blackie the cat: This cat was trained by the owners to say words like “I love you” or “I want my mummy” this is also one of the wealthiest animals alive.

The cat was also on a lot of popular talk shows.

3.      Lucy the Chimp: This little chimp here was thought how it eat from the table while siting after a while she was able to dress herself and make tea for her owners.

She was able to express and show when she’s feeling hungry, sad, happy etc. She grew up as a human and started to find human men sexually attractive.

She grew up as human, so she was scared of humans and also didn’t eat food unless its served on a plate but unfortunately she died and till today her cause of death is unknown.

4.     ALEX THE PARROT: I know some find it as a normal thing for parrots being able to talk as they actually repeat everything you say.

But this parrot could speak on it own like if you hold up a color it would tell you what color and the shape you are holding up for it.

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