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Opinion: Can dogs see ghost?

A lot of people particularly here in Africa believes dogs are able to see spirit beings, especially when the bark at night, as much as we know they are some truth that dogs can sense thing we can’t, basically the dog has six sense which are sight, smell, hearing, taste, and the number sixth sense “gut” which is the feeling we get when something doesn't feels right, when a dog runs and sits by the door waiting for his owner, Dr burch explains this behavior could have been taught through repetition. But if the owner comes home earlier than usual and the dog still sits by the door within minutes of his arrival, that behavior could be his sixth sense. The question now is can dogs see things we humans can’t see?

  Dogs have incredible  level of hearing which surpass humans; they are able to pick up sounds from a longer distance and they are able to detect certain phenomenon we can’t .their vision is more wider than ours and they have the ability see in dusk, dawn, twilight far better than we do, they also have the ability to detect impending disasters before they happen,all natural phenomena have odors associated with them say Hartstein, this odors are beyond the capacities of our nose but dogs can sense them quickly

Dogs are wonderful creatures with much more to unravel about man’s best friend, it is obvious that the perceive the world very different as we do as their senses are far greater than ours ,whether that are able to pick up unknown forms or not this still remains a mystery. Shear your views and opinions in the comment section.


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