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See The 5 Animals Associated With Witchcraft In Nigeria

The overwhelming majority of African tribes i do know of haven't had the culture of getting pets. They only keep animals which perform certain jobs like cats catching rodents and reptiles, and dogs for hunting. However, this is often also largely thanks to the very fact that animals in Africa are seen as quite just pets. Africans see them as vessels of excellent and evil forces. There are certain animals on the African continent that are considered evil or are seen as a nasty omen. 

When people see them they sense evil is simply round the corner. hat being said, a reason for this unfounded dislike, for many people, is that cats are seen because the embodiment of evil entities. most of the people believe that witches and demons possess cats or become cats to torment their lives, because of unfounded myths and superstitions. 

Most people believe hearsays without evidence and just accept them as canon, especially, if it comes from a spiritual leader. Religious leaders are worshipped as gods, but that’s a story for an additional day. This belief attached to cats is additionally attributed to animals like owls, bats (generally any animal that moves or flies at night), snakes, aligators, scorpions and a number of others

Here, we take a glance at a number of these animals;

1) Black Cats

Cats are considered spiritual animals in Africa but black cats are seemed to be evil or maybe satanic. Black cats have long been related to demonology in Africa. Demons are thought to always shape shift into cats especially within the color black. 

2) Owls

In general, owls are viewed as harbingers of bad luck, unhealthiness , or death. the assumption is widespread even today. the very fact that the owl may be a night creature has further made people believe that owls are evils.

3) Vultures

This is an animal that's universally seen as an evil one. Vultures who concentrate on feeding on the carcass of dead animals are a nasty omen. Seeing a vulture in your dream is that the stuff of nightmares and might likely cause a spiritual deliverance session.

4) Bats

Overseas, the bat could be the idea for the identity for a well-liked superhero but in Africa, bats are considered evil animals. Bats also are night creatures who hide in caves and this built the parable that they're evil animals who bring bad luck and terror.

5) Snakes

This is the foremost classical most wicked animal. because of the Bible, the snake is considered an evil creature. If you see a snake in your house you're presumably getting to think that it's your 'enemy' that sent it to kill you. the very fact that they're poisonous makes them more feared.

A few stories have done the rounds within the past to prove that a number of these animals are strange.

The people of Iba Oku village in Uyo government Area of Akwa Ibom State were reportedly once thrown into confusion when a vulture reportedly delivered a letter to the normal ruler asking him to vacate his throne within a selected deadline .

According to Nigerian publication the state , the strange incident sent shock waves into the spines of the people, occurred when the vulture dropped the letter at the palace of the monarch, Eteidung Gabriel Mbeka, asking him to quit his throne or face damning consequences.

Recently on social media, a young Nigerian woman narrated how her mother prayed within the night and an owl came into her room.

The owl was killed by her father and therefore the pictures of the dead bird were shared on social media. We cannot confirm the genuineness of those report.

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