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If you love yourself Don't Own a Female Dog in This Community in Nigeria, See the Reason why.

It is said by some people that Dogs are Man's Best Friend, Dogs are Loyal To a Fault loved by Many. Dogs are kept as Pet, some for sports Reasons, some dogs are kept for Security Reasons.

But there are some places where you can never have or keep a female Dog either as a pet, or for Security Reasons. You can never Own a female Dog in this Community.

Rupokwu Community, In Obio Akpor Local Government, Rivers State Nigeria. It is an abomination to own a female dog in this Community. The reason for this Age long Tradition can be traced down to a Chief in the Community Who was Bitten by a female, this Chief finally Died as a result of thr Dog bite. This prompted the Community Members to kill all Female Dogs and placed A ban on owning a Female Dog in the Community.

If anyone is caught with a female Dog in this Community,it is considered a Sacrilege and the Dog will be Killed. The owner of the Dog will be Fined heavily for desecrating their land.

But such law makes no sense, Dogs are loving and Peaceful Animal, loyal to Humans to a Fault. I hope this law is scrapped.

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