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What is This? See The Animal That I Killed In My Farm Today

See the animal that I killed in my farm today, in this morning. I have been seeing many animals but this one amaze me. My friends always kill big animals, sometimes when he go to farm. But yet I have not seen this animal before.

I have been asking my neighbors about the name of the animal, but nobody knows the name of the animal. But I heard some people saying it is called "Bush pig" but I didn't believe.

I have to confirm the name, and even I want to ask if it good to be eaten. I need your help guys. Kindly drop your comment, let's me know your opinion.

I killed this animal on my way to my farm, this morning. This animal has even spoil all the crops in that farm. This morning as I was going to my farm, on my way I started hearing some noise from the bush. When I decided to listen to the noise very well, I think it was an animal.

I take my cutlass and moved closer to the bush, it heard my footsteps and it rush out to escape. I run after it with my dogs. Until one of the dogs crossed the animal, that's where I killed it.

My children has been disturbing me, that we should eat it. But I don't known it's name or if it is good to be eaten, that's why i decided to ask.

Please don't forget to drop your comment.

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