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If You Think This Creature Is Evil, Then You Need To Read This.

I have heard so many religious people calling this beautiful creature evil. Some even attributes witchcraft to this creature, and have it burnt to ashes whenever they see it anywhere around their neighborhood. The truth is that Owls are not evil birds.

If you are killing this bird all in the name of witchcraft, then you really need to stop because this bird is as innocent as a have to understand that Owls are nocturnal animals. What this means is that most owls don't fly in daytime; only at night.

The reason you always see most owls fly at night is because their senses are only strong at night. Nocturnal animals only flies at night to hunt for food, protect their territory, and to avoid other animals who may want to prey on them due to their daytime weaknesses.

This also explains the reason why they always feel very weak to fly during daytime when captured because they are supposed to be sleeping already. So to those religious people out there who derives joy in killing this bird all in the name of witchcraft, please desist from the wicked act.

This animal has every right to live and enjoy this earth as you are enjoying it too. These animals have feelings and they have children that they cater for. Just as the human mother go out to hunt for food for her children, is the same way this bird go out at night to hunt for food for her children too.

How would it feel like if a mother says she is going out to get some food for her starving children, but was unable to come back to meet them all because some religious people thinks that the mother is evil and decided to burn her to ashes? This is bad, i mean, it is not even in the bible that these birds are evil, so where did the people attributing witchcraft to this bird got that idea from?

This is so wrong! And if you have the mentality that this bird is evil, then you better change and see the positive side of life. We just have to be careful how we kill these innocent animals because if we should continue like this, they may just be extinct in few years to come. Stop killing this innocent bird and concentrate on chasing your dreams and making your life better!........One Love.

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