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See the lad who nearly died trying to save his younger sister from a wild dog.

According to his aunt, Bridger Walker, who is only six years old, saved his little sister from a wild dog attack. This is bravery. Bridger stays in Wyoming, United States of America. After he had been stitched up by a skilled surgeon, he said "If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me" before leaving the Hospital. The lad's photo went viral after his aunt shared his heroic story on Instagram.

From what Bridger said after he got stitched up, he believed that it was not his younger sister's place to die on that fateful day, so he took on the attack to prevent the dog from getting to his sister. After being bitten so many times on the face and head, by this wild dog, he grabbed his sister by the hand at the little chance he got and ran away with her to find safety.

He is indeed a real Hero, Everyone should learn from such heroic gesture. If you see someone in trouble, and you have the ability to save that person, don't just ignore the person just like that even if you do not know who the person is. Let's save a life today.

I have noticed that we no longer care if our neighbor is in trouble, most people would only want to see you fall. We can change that if we try to inculcate this habit in our kids so that whenever they get into trouble or see someone in trouble they should call the attention of any grown-up around to save a life. It all begins with us, you and I

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