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Pregnancy period

Cat Can Be Used To Detect When A Woman Is Pregnant? Through This 5 Signs

What Are the Pregnancy Changes That a Cat Can Sense?

Cats can detect a wide variety of changes in a human who’s pregnant. These can include

1.Changes In Your Body Chemistry

Cats can tell you’re pregnant with the changes in your body chemistry one of the first signs. Their sense of smell will notice hormonal level changes. Your body begins to produce more progesterone, human chorionic gonadotrophin or hCG hormones and estrogen. These hormonal changes can affect how you smell too and they will begin to act differently.

2. Behaviour Changes

Cats can also detect your behavioural changes when you’re pregnant. They’re not always lazing around the house like you think they are. When you’re pregnant, you tend to eat more and also feel more tired often. Cats can notice these tiny differences in your behaviour too.

3. Mood Swings

You’d know that being pregnant comes with its own set of mood swings. You’re happy one second and suddenly you’re upset or irritable. Cats can sense this behaviour too and even act out themselves, either by being gentler or avoiding you entirely.

4. Posture And Movement

The way you move during pregnancy can be a big giveaway to your pregnancy. Your back becomes arched and you also tend to take heavier steps. Your cats will give you sceptical looks and you should take note of them.

5. Body Heat

Your body tends to get warmer when you’re pregnant and cats that like such spaces will start rubbing themselves against your body to feel better. If you notice your cat getting more affectionate, there is a high chance you’re pregnant.

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