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Can this be real? Creatures you never knew existed

There are lots of creatures in this world which are unknown to us and we are unlikely to see them forever. Ranging from the tamed to the wild ones.

Here are some amazing creatures you never knew existed:

1) Fennec Fox:

Their unique structure helps it to survive in the desert. Its major characteristic is its huge ears. The paws are padded with thick fur to protect it from the hot sand. They sound like cats when happy.

2) Axolotls:

They are only found in lakes and canal in Mexico. Their funny branch like things on their head are attached with filaments that increases the area for gas exchange.

3) Goblin Shark:

They are also known as vampire sharks because they detest light. Mostly found at the bottom of the sea. It may look scary but actually it has no interest in human beings. It mainly feeds on fish, crabs and molluscs. They are bad swimmers compared to other sharks.

4) Desert Rain Frog:

They are very tiny. Known to be the smallest frogs in the world because they don't grow up to 1cm. They live in the desert. They actually sound like a child's squeaky toy.

5) Proboscis Monkey:

The first thing noticed about these monkeys are their extremely long noses. The males have larger nose than the females. Research has shown that the males are more attractive than the females.

These are very interesting rare animals. They have amazing features.

Hope you have learnt something new. Thanks for reading.

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