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The Wicked Tortoise and Ants

The Wicked Tortoise and Ants.

       Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, there lived a tortoise who was a friend to the family of ants. The ants were known to be very hard-working animals and they gathered plenty of food in the dry season. But the tortoise was very lazy and was always sleeping hen the ants went out to get some food. Despite this, the ants gave the tortoise food anytime he came to their house. One day, the ants went to the tortoise and asked for a favor.

        "We want to have a small part of the shell at your back to store food because the rain would be heavy this year," they said.

         "Why not? You are my friends and I would always be of help to you. Just do whatsoever you want and I would be available," said the tortoise.

          So the ants started gathering food on the tortoise shell. It was so plenty that the tortoise could not walk properly. This went on for some weeks and then the rain started.

            "Tortoise, please we need some of the food now since we can't go out in the rain for food," the ants told him.

             The Tortoise gave them some food and they kept coming. But because it was Known to be a lazy animal, the tortoise started eating he food kept with him. So, anytime the ants came for their portion, the tortoise would turn them back complaining of a pain in his shell that could not make him turn.

             This went on for some days and the ants devised a trick.

              "Tortoise, since you are having a big pain in your back, we have decided to bring a herbalist to heal you," the ants said. So, they brought elephant and asked that it treated the tortoise.

              "You would have to put you back under my feet and I would inject you with a medicine that would stop the pain," said the Elephant.

               As the Tortoise came under the Elephant's feet, it crushed the shell and all the food stored inside came out.

              "Ha! You have spoilt my back. All my shell is broken and can't be arranged again," cried the tortoise. He went about with broken shell until the ants helped him rearranged it. Since then, the shell of the Tortoise has not been smooth.

      THE END


1. Don't be a lazy person. Remember, no food for the lazy man.

2. Always say the truth, no matter the situation you find oneself.

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