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See 7 incredible camouflage animals and insects

1. Malaysian Orchid Mantis

  This species of prey Mantis has been dubbed 'the walking flower mountain', characterised by its brilliant colouring as well as its unique delicate structure, mimicks parts of the Orchid flower with devastating accuracy.

The walking legs look like flower pedals to unsuspecting lie and can change colour from Pink to White to Brown based on the colour of their background.

2. Leaf Tailed Gecko

   This gecko are capable of living around 10 years and sometimes a bit longer .

 This strange creature usually range in size from 2 - 6 inches in length including their flattened tails.

Like many reptiles, some have the ability to volunteerly shade their tail if needed.


This insect has a binomial name called Phyllium giganteum, this insect is described from Malaysia in 1984

this insect has proved to be popular for rearing in captivity.

In nature it can be found in tropical forest in Malaysia, it really looks like leave.

 Phyllium giganteum is a very docile species, like many stick insects and leaf insects. During the day it sits very still, during the night it will move and eat. 

When you pick up a phyllium giganteum female, it will generally just stay still to keep up the appearance that it is a leaf, and It is hard to persuade them into moving.

4. Dead leaf butterfly

Kallima butterflies , most often called the orange oak leaf or dead leaf butterfly, They are found in East, South and Southeast Asia.

When disturbed in its hiding place, this creature will walk as if cut inside the breeze and as it happens to fall, it will usually remain emotionless until it proceeds all threat to be gone.

This butterfly is real master of camouflage. When its wings are closed it bears a remarkable resemblance to a dead leaf both in colour and shape, the female is larger than the male with different colouration and a longer point at the forewing apex. 

5. Buff-Tip Moth

The buff-tip is a moth of the family Notodontidae with at scientific name called Phalera bucephala.

They are usually found in Europe, transformed into their final stage of life. This moth are Fairly Large and heavy body with impressive wings, spans which reach between 55 and 69 millimeter.

They are known for flying in June and July, they are most commonly found in gardens and strawberries.

6. Walking Stick Insect

 They are generally referred to as phasmatodeans, phasmids, or ghost insects.

  This insect has long body which resemble sticks, they are found all over the world. Some of the species have wings, these bugs usually grow to be around 12 inches in length, and are considered by many to be the world largest insect as they have been known to reach over 22 inches long. This creature have slow repetitive side-to-side movement.


It has a binomial name called Uropyia Meticulodina, and it is not the only moth that looks like a realistic dead tree leaf, in fact there are quite a few of them, but it’s one of just two species that can nail the look of a curled up leaf, the other being the amazing green rainforest moth.

It is found in China and Taiwan, The craziest thing about this fascinating creatures mimicry is that it’s mostly an optical illusion. It’s wings may look curled up, but they are actually as straight as those of any moth. It is capable of mimicking a dead, curled up leaf almost to perfection.

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