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Firefighters Relentlessly Try To Catch A Wild Boar For 30 Minutes In This Challenging But Funny Miss

Often times, firefighters are serving the community by dealing with fire, flood and, emergency. But recently, a group of firefighters in Malaysia was on a somewhat challenging but funny mission. 

Few months ago, a YouTube user named Iqbal Hasnol uploaded a video showing how a team of firefighters in Johor, Malaysia, trying their best to evacuate a wild boar that was roaming a residential area during the fasting month of Ramadhan.

While getting rid of the wild boar sounds like a simple task, the team from Muar Fire and Rescue Station was having quite a dynamic and time-consuming moment to settle the case.

In the 12-minute video, the team of more than five people keeps on chasing the wild boar relentlessly.

Credit: YouTube

After the non-stop chasing, their mission was still unsuccessful as the wild boar was sure fast.

Credit: YouTube

“That’s one playful boar,” said one of the team members.

The team was initially assigned to evict the wild boar but they decided that they would try to catch it.

“We’re trying to catch the wild boar without causing injury to the animal, so we use rope and poles,” said the 27-year-old firefighter, telling their side of the story.

The wild boar even jump trying to escape the chase.

Credit: YouTube

Unfortunately, after half an hour of non-stop chasing, the wild boar managed to escape the chase. The wild boar was said to return to its original habitat without injury. The wild boar was believed to have entered the area through a hole somewhere around the house.

The video was viewed for almost 700,000 views in the time of writing with most viewers entertained by how the team handled the boar.

Salute to these firefighters as they are trying their best despite the fasting month.

Watch the full video here:

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