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9 Different Animals That Live in the Forest

In a forest ecosystem, trees and shrubs abound. Plants cover the forest floor and there are various bodies of freshwater in the area. This habitat is also the home to a number of forest-dwelling animals. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about 9 different animals that live in the forest.

What kinds of animals live in the forest?

The animals that live in a forest vary depending on the height of the forest and the types of plants within it. Below, we’ll mention some of the most interesting animals you can find in the woods:

1. Raccoons

Raccoons are medium-sized mammals that are native to North America. They measure some 20 inches and their fur is usually green on their backs, white on their feet, and striped on their tails. Given the black spots around their eyes, they look as if they were wearing masks. These mammals live near rivers and use the dexterity of their front paws to feed on frogs and fruit. 

2. Spider monkeys

While there are no native species of monkeys in the United States, monkeys do inhabit forests in other parts of the world. Spider monkeys stand out as a very intelligent example, and are also some of the most acrobatic. They use their tails as if they were an extra extremity in order to swing from one tree to another. Spider monkeys are just one of many species that are in danger of extinction today as a result of deforestation.

3. Woodpeckers

These birds are known for their red-colored heads and their ability to peck at tree trunks with their beaks. They do so in order to find food–insects, larvae, and worms. Some are sedentary while others migrate according to the region where they live. Another interesting fact about these animals that live in forests is that they dig out holes in trees to make their nests.

As for the reproduction of woodpeckers, it’s important to point out that they incubate their eggs for 2 weeks. However, once their babies are born, another month will go by before they leave the nest.

4. Lynx

There are four different species of lynx that live in forests in different regions of the planet. These are the Canada lynx, the Iberian lynx, the Eurasian lynx, and the bobcat. Lynx are medium-sized felines that roam the forests of Europe, Siberia, and North America.

Lynx have robust bodies, brownish or yellowish hair, and are excellent climbers and jumpers. The mating season of these animals occurs between January and March and male lynx participate in the care of their young.

5. Deer

With thin legs, long necks, spotted fur, deer and other members of the Cervinae live in the forest. They possess antlers that grow out of the top of their cranium, the largest of which belong to the moose. All of the species belonging to this family are herbivores and can eat water plants, branches, and tree leaves.

6. Brown bears

Brown bears are another animal that comes to mind when we think about animals that live in the forest. Their natural habitat is the forests of North America, Asia, and Europe. The life expectancy of these bears is around 30 years and their fur can range between dark brown and light gold in color.

They are plantigrades, meaning that they can stand up on their hind legs. Brown bears use their senses of smell and hearing as their guides. As for their diet, we can classify them as omnivores. In the winter, these mammals hibernate in burrows and dens. As for their young, they live with their mothers until they are a year and a half old.

7. Jaguars

This is the second feline on our list of animals that live in the forest. These majestic cats can be found all the way from the Southwester United States down to Paraguay and Argentina, where they are known as yaguaretés. Solitary by nature, jaguars tend to hunt by ambush and their bite is more powerful than that of any other predator. In fact, they can even penetrate the shells of turtles.

As for their reproduction, jaguars mate throughout the year. However, it’s important to point out that the majority of cheetah births take place during the rainy season.

8. Owls

Owls use trees as their homes during most of their existence. These large birds, who have a life expectancy of 60 years, can measure approximately 29 inches in height and have a wingspan of up to 5 and a half feet.

Owls are nocturnal and their calls can be heard from up to over a mile away. At the same time, they live alone until their mating season comes around. Female owls can lay up to 6 eggs which they incubate in the trunks of trees while their male counterparts search for food. Their diet consists of rabbits, squirrels, pigeons, rats, other rodents, etc. The reproduction process lasts 36 days.

9. Foxes

The last animals on our list of animals that live in the woods are foxes. There are 27 different species of foxes and the most popular is the red fox of North America and Europe. They are quiet, cautious, and nocturnal, preferring to rest in their burrows during the day. They don’t possess facial muscles to show their teeth, as does their “cousin”, the dog.j

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