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After I Killed This Animal On My Way, Then This Happened To My Step Mum At Home (Fiction)

After I Killed This Animal On My Way, Then This Happened To My Step Mum At Home.

My name is John and I'm a native of Kwara State. And I'm 26 years old. I graduated from the University in 2015 and ever since then things hasn't been so easy for me. I have done a lot of jobs but to no avail I just get sack letters at the end of three months. This has been happening to me like three years back now. I can't lay my hands on any work and exceed three months. But just last month something happened to me and that's why I'm putting up this article to seek for your help.

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It was so unfortunate to loose my mum at a very young age. And my dad is a philanthropist in Kwara State, so he got married to another woman.

They got married when I was five years old and for the first month everything was seeming okay for me and my step mum, but suddenly she changed her behaviors towards me ever since she started having miscarriages. Till date my step mum couldn't give birth to a child. And though to the fact that she didn't give birth to me as well, then she started treating me anyhow anytime my dad was not around. I struggled and struggled till I was able to reach this stage and I never for once opened my mouth to tell my dad how this woman normally treats me.

When I graduated from the University, I got a very good job and before I knew it I couldn't maintain the job cause I was sacked after three months, I still didn't give up. After some while my Dad got me another job due to his post in the state, and again after three months I lost that too. To cut everything short that was how I usually loose my work after three months.

That's a brief, now what happened that made me write this was that, last month as I was about preparing to go for another interview. I was almost ready, then I forgot to knot my tie, then I went back inside my room to check the mirror and knot my tie. And when I was done I headed to my car and went for the interview.

God so good, I got the job though I was still thinking of the three months issue. Another good news was that they told me they were going to pay me 300k every month and even give me an official car. Guess it's time for me to shine, this hasn't happened to me before. It was an oil firm.

When I got home and I told my Dad and step mum and they were all happy for me, then I decided to go for a stroll just to say hi to my friends in the neighborhood. While passing through a river that was near to where I was heading to, a strange animal came out of the water and started chasing me, I screamed for help and when we were later able to kill it, it was a big crocodile.

And I took the crocodile to my friend's house and we roasted it and ate it. I even took along a little to my house as well. On getting home our gateman told me that my step mum has been admitted to the nearest hospital. As I was about picking my phone to call my dad, then his call came on my phone. And he explained to me that my step mum wants to see me. And when I got to the hospital wherr she was hospitalized, she started pleading for mercy, that she was the one behind all my bad luck and how I usually loose my jobs after three months. I bursted into tears and immediately I left there and headed home then pick my stuffs and right now I'm staying in my friend's house for the past three weeks. Now my dad and my step mum has been calling me to please come back home atleast and forgive her.

Now my question is:

If you were in my shoe, what would you have done?

Should I just pack out of the house since I now have jobs that can make me live all by myself?

Or I should continue leaving in my friend's house and let her carry the curse herself?

Please what should I do?

I really need your opinion and thoughts, I'm really confused.....

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