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Top 5 strongest dogs in the world.

Dogs are well known as man best friend, no matter the kinds of you are looking for they are also those that are brave and strong, and can also be used as a strong security guards

when it comes to the security sections here are list of world strongest dogs.

1: mastiff :

Mastiff are one of the most common dogs when it comes to pure strength and power.

They are good natured and affectionate dogs, physically they are 28 to 36 inches height and weights around 120 to 230 pounds.

2: Great Dane :

Great Dane are some of the most athletically dogs in the world, and they are very loyal to their owners, although they seems frighten at

their size, physically male are up to 30 to 40 inches tall and weights from 120 to 200 pounds.

3: Pit bull :

Pit bulls are Stocked with whole pack of muscles that makes them so powerful and strong, they are also fast and flexible they are

strong enough to pull weights and they are definitely not afraid of any danger despite their small size.

4: Rott weiler :

Rott weiler are definitely a strong dog that does not back down from job, a fight that is why most people used them as security Guards, Rott weilers when they are trained they can be gentle, and playful and also loyal to the owners.

5:Seberian Husky :

These dogs are considered medium sized, but they are definitely the toughest ones, they can pull a full sleigh filled with people, and the body of this dogs are covered with muscles and they are definitely not afraid to use it.

This are list of the strong dogs, please do like + share + comment.

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