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EXCITING HISTORY OF LAKE MALAWI (African lake with the largest number of fish species in the world)

Africa, the world's largest continent, has a fascinating conversation about everything exotic and unusual, sometimes in places or forms that people least expect. In this edition we'll look at African lake with the world's largest number of fish species, LAKE MALAWI.

Lake Malawi has more distinct fish species than any other league in the world, with more than 1000 fish species. New species are routinely discovered and some scientists say the leak may contain more than 2000 species. Despite of its remarkable abundance, the lake is considered a sanctuary for biodiversity because of almost all the species it includes on the earth.

Of course lake Malawi is huge. Located between Tanzania and Mozambique, in Malawi. It occupies an area of more than 29,000 square kilometers and contains 7% of the world's usable freshwater surface, not only the deepest freshwater lake in Africa, but also the second deepest lake in the world at more than 4,700 feet. Lake Malawi holds the record for most fish species anywhere in the world in a single lake. There are an estimated 500 different species belonging to 10 families, the most notable being the cichlidae family, With just five identified as not indigenous to the lake. In fact, but I'm going to hold about 30 per cent of the world's cichlid fish population. Unfortunately I am counting this fish species because of heavy fishing we go into length.

Discussion content: Malawi Lake is one of it kind to preserve, it was a big question about how to preserve the species. How possible do you think this lake can me preserved?

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