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Why You Should Stop Hugging Your Dog

Facts we can't deny is that, dogs want to be around humans which is often called clingy. Dogs have desire to be close to their owners. Companionship; perhaps the most of reason, some dogs simply prefer companionship of their human owners over the process of domestication. Indeed, natural selection has shaped dogs to become companions for humans.

However, dogs really do not like hugs, often you will notice a dog become stiff or still when being hugged, signs that he is not having a great time. That's not to say they don't like affection from their people ok. Some absolutely adore cuddles but most dogs prefer belly rub or a back scratch to a squeeze.

Since they are being held in hug, a dog will start to show stress by looking away from the person hugging them and possibly twisting their body in other direction define going stiff. They may squat submissively or opened their eyes wide so you can see the whites which are normally not visible.

According to an expert from the University of British Columbia " it's the way you are molesting your pet that needs to stop, the reason is evolutionary. Thus when you hug your dog in a continuing embrace, that evolutionary mechanisms stymied."

Their body language indicates discomfort if you search images of people hugging dogs, the fury friends in question more often than not have moon eyes contact. These are all sign of distress. Alot of dog professionals would agree that hugging a dog is non ideal. - A dog-cognition scientist told Forbes. Your dog doesn't like your hugs. At the high-end dogs will bare their teeth at you.kindly comment follow like and share

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