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Check out these dogs that can kill a grown lion

Dogs are domestic animal in the home that is used for security purpose.Dogs are also freindly to the owners,they are different breed of dogs.

So my people if a dog can stand up to defeat a lion; it's possible of course;

These are the few breed that I can assure you that they can kill a lion, they are;

(1) Wolfhound: these kind of dogs are high breed between a dog parent and a wolf parent. The two parent crossed together to give birth to a house parent and wild parent.

(2) Pitbull: Pitbull is a kind of dog that is the world largest dog,that can kill a lion. Only 18-month-old weight of them can be 175 pounds. The power of this dog is unrivalled.

if he bit down a full grown lion with it full power it will snap like a broom.

(3) Rottweiler: This dogs are approximately tens times more likely to kill or mangle a grown lion. They are imposing,protective dogs.

My beloved people beware of these dangerous dogs so we don't fall into early grave.

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Rottweiler Wolfhound


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