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See photos of The Deadly Crocodile Named 'Osama' Captured by Ugandan Wildlife Officials.

A giant, one tonnr crocodile named 'Osama' was caught by Ugandan Villagers after allegedly eating a man and injured several others in the village. The worlds prolific man eater was captured by the Ugandan wildlife authority after hunting it at the shores of lake Victoria in karika village for four days.

The giant crocodile according to Karika people is over 80 years old and it has become a problem for karika Fishermen that goes fishing at the Victoria lake, as become very scared of approaching the lake.

The Ugandan wildlife officials captured the crocodile by the use of meat on a hook, and after the crocodile was caught it was put on a truck and transferred to the mushin falls national park.

However this is not the first crocodile that have been captured for terrorizing people in African villages they are many that have been caught in different part of Africa.

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