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Story: “the Half Educated"

Once there lived a wolf and a jackal. One day, the wolf bragged to the jackal, “You are not even half as educated as me.” The jackal quietly agreed, but suddenly a tiger roared, “Nobody is as educated as I am.” The wolf froze seeing the tiger while the jackal quickly thought of a plan to escape. “Sure you are, Sir and, therefor, we were coming to you for help,” replied the jackal. “We want you to decide who among the two of us should eat the chickens.” “First show me the chickens,” growled the tiger, who was thinking of savouring not only the chickens, also the healthy jackal and the wolf. The jackal to him to a small cave and said, “Sir, you have to enter the cave to see the chickens.” As soon as the greedy tiger went inside, the clever jackal covered the entrance with a huge boulder. might be more educated, but you are definitely not smarter than me!” called out the jackal. “I was wrong,” acknowledged the wolf, “you are certainly cleverer than me.

(2) On a summer afternoon when the Sun shone bright, all animals complained about the heat. The Sun felt very hurt. He stopped coming out, making the Earth cold and dark. The animals immediately sent their messenger, the cock to enquire. When asked the reason for not showing up, the Sun replied, “I shine throughout the day to give you light and all you do is complain about how hot I am. I refuse to shine again.” “Which means I have to return home in the dark, while the wild cat prepares to pounce on me, “ lamented the cock. The cock flew away and after some time the Sun heard a loud call. Immediately, the Sun rose up and the entire Earth shone bright. However, the Sun could not find the cock anywhere. Since then, whenever the cock calls out, the Sun promptly shines bright.

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