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Read About The Male Fishes, That Gives Birth to Its Young Ones.

It sounds so strange, if a male gender can actually carry pregnancy and also give birth to their young ones. Yes, it happens often among the species of aquatic animals by name male Seahorse, pipefish, and Seadragons. They are the only male animals in the world that undergo pregnancy and as well give birth to its young ones.

The male seahorse, after mating with the female seahorse she deposits egg into the male's pouch where it will get fertilized by the male. Inside the pouch of the male it takes adequate care of them regarding their salinity level, temperature, and blood flow. The male Seahorse carries the pregnancy up to four weeks, after he hatches the fertilized eggs which can range from 100 to 1000 fingerlings, he will deposit them by the side of the sea and they will feed by themselves.

Male Pipefish and Seadragons both belong to the family of syngnathidae. Their responsibility is carry developing eggs attached to the underside off their body, there they will be feeding the fertilized eggs through a placenta like medium. They equally protect the eggs against external aggression.

The images below is that of male Pipefish.

The images below are that of male Seadragon.

Indeed theses creatures are very great, and their Lifestyles are so much interesting.

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Do you think it's proper for these male fishes to carry out the task meant for the females? Let's discuss that in the comment box.

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