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Note This: Easy Way To Identify A Dog With Rabies And Stay Away

Firstly, A dog who is infected with rabies may display extreme character changes such as apprehension or restlessness, both of which may be exacerbated by aggression. Normally excitable animals may become more docile while friendly dogs may become irritable. A dog may snap or bite at any form of incitement, attacking other animals, humans and even insentient objects. They may constantly bite, chew and lick at the site where they were bitten. A fever may also be develop at this stage.

dogs and with rabies simply first show symptoms that could be mistaken for sickness which are:

1. Lethargy.

2. Vomiting.

3. Biting or scratching at site of the bite.

4. Decreased appetite.

Rabies symptoms will become neurological within days and which consist:

1. Seizures or tremors.

2. Sign of weakness.

3. Difficultly breathing.

4. Difficult in swallowing.

5. Rapid drooling.

6. Abnormal gait.

Dogs may not frequently display aggression. “There are basically two forms of rabies which include: the furious-aggressive form, and the dumb-subdued in which the dog just becomes very lethargic and non-responsive, dogs are more likely to be lethargic and non-responsive. Unfortunately, once symptoms develop, the dog will surely die within 10 days.

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