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Animals (the Cute, the Weird and the Unrealistic)

1.Sand Cats

*Lives in deserts with some vegetation

*Can feed on small snakes

* Are small but viscous

*Can't be kept as pets (they'd kill you if they could)

2.Mexican Axolotl

*Keeps it's dorsal tadpole body through out it's lifetime

*Can live 15 yrs

*Stays underwater all it's life even though it has Lungs and can breath outside water (Lazyass) .... Still, quite cute tho.... Kind of

Alien in the house

3.Sea Otters


*Very buoyant thanks to being covered in a very dense mass of hair all over it's body

*Can live 15-20 years

*Uses tools

(Awn, I'd totally hug you if I could)

4.Pileated Gibbons

*These animals actually sing (so basically they are the rockstars and Opera singers of the forrest)

*They can also communicate through songs, their.... monkey songs

* Highly intelligent

5.Hairless Bunnies *Sadly these species are sometimes bred this way for feeding, or it could occur naturally if the mother didn't give birth in the right conditions and in such cases they could be born blind, or deaf.....

They are cute though..... Kind of

6.White tigers

Now here is a majestic animal

*These ones are very very rare, we are talking one out 10,000 in the wild, yet every now and then there is a report of one that has been born in the wild and they always need to be kept with humans as they actually can't survive in the wild. Their bleached skin gives them away so they can't hunt, as they'd always be spotted.

*They grow very big as you can see above, this is most likely because the humans overfed their asses

7.Black Tigers

Somewhere in this world something so magnificent actually exists.

*They are also very VERY rare

8.Blue Maltese Tigers

Yup, you heard right. Blue!.

*Chinese origin from Fujian

* Now believed to be extinct or hiding in the mountains of forests in China away from human eyes and interference

8.Golden or Tabby/strawberry Tigers

*Golden tigers are tigers that are with a color variation caused by a recessive gene (but my Gosh, are they gorgeous or are they gorgeous?)

Sadly though all these species of tigers are very very rare. The blue ones though are believed to now be extinct but the golden ones have been said to be about only 30 remaining.

Say cheese

9.Teal Mexican Alligator Lizard /Abronia Graminea

*They make for great pets

*Generally fragile, but they will be aggressive if they feel you would hurt them. Also they'd threaten you by showing off their fragile teeth, but you can hurt them if you are not careful enough

*They move slow

*They occur in various colours and can grow 25 centimetres

*The numbers of them in the wild is unknown, so we can't say if they are endangered or not

10.Fennac Foxes

Very cute ryt?

*They are normally found in the desert

*They are generally small but are very fast, running as far as 20 miles per hour (wow)

*Their ears can be half their body so no surprise they can hear prey underground

*They are not domesticated and so not a very good idea for a pet, but they can get used to their owners

*They will bite if they don't want to interact, or threatened but their bites are not poisonous, nor does it do much harm as they have needle like teeth.


11.Pantagonian Mara

*They are the 3rd largest known rodents

*They are faster than you'd think


Looks like a bunny to me

12.Irrawady Dolphins

*They spit water as they feed

*They feed on small fishes and other things

13.Pink Fairy Armadillo

* Diggers

*Partially blind, but have good sense of smell

* Endangered

*They live in the dessert

14.Malaysian Tapir

*They grow very large

*They are considered meat some places and are endangered because of that

*They are very unpredictable so keep your distance.They will attack if cornered and they can cause major injuries or even kill

*They are cousins to elephants but are known as The Cow of the rain forrest (probably cause they eat them)

*They are herbivores

15.Screaming /Weeping Armadillo

* These little guys scream/cry when they feel they are in danger. They do this in hopes of startling /scaring off predators, or attracting other predators to attack their predator (ain't you smart)

*Can be kept if you want a living, breathing alarm clock (I'm kidding just in case you didn't get it)

16.African Bush Vipers

*These Unrealistic looking snakes are African, can be found in a habitat away from human Interference in places like Uganda and Congo

*They have scales or spines

*They are very colourful

*Extremely venomous and there's no vaccine for their venom as there's never enough encounter with one

17.The Maned Fox

(More like foxy long-legs)

*They are not exactly wolves, Cayotes or Foxes, more like dogs (kind of)

*They are taller than wolves

*They are very shy

*They don't move in packs

*They attack if they feel attacked

18.Sifaka Lemurs

*They are found in Madagascar

*They move like they are dancing

19.Secretary Bird

(Like Sis, you gotta show me where you got your lashes done)

*They are relatively big birds

*They are found in Africa

*They have no predators, except their eggs which would be preyed upon if found, an adult Secretary bird has no one haunting for them, but they sometimes haunt dangerous snakes that would strike back when they try to kick at them with a slow kick. Not that all they eat is dangerous snakes though

20.Japanese Spider Crab

The good guys

*They have very masculine legs that can do alot of damage if they used it, but they are rarely aggressive to other species, unless you are dinner of course but they mainly feed on algae

*They are like other crabs covered in hard shells

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