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Here are 12 surprising natural facts you never knew.

Here are 30 surprising natural facts you never knew.

Do you like facts, do you think you know a lot of facts? Check out these 12 facts and see if you knew them before.

1. A tortoise can live on it's reserves, without food or water for up to a year.

2. Humming birds have the fastest metabolisms of any animal on Earth, and could die of hunger in just two hours.

3. An average human man contains up to 40 liters of water.

4. The lung contains more water than any other organ, up to 80% of it is water.

5. Lobsters 🦞 and Jelly fishes are biologically immortal, and they won't die unless they were to be killed.

6. Honey 🍯 and wine 🍷, two things that never go bad. Not in a year, not in ten, nor hundred.

7. Electricity is used in the body and is produced by the heart ❤️.

8. Albert Einstein's brain was discovered to have less wrinkles than the average human brain, and had more internal space for neurons.

9. There are hundreds of billions of "friendly" bacteria in the human intestines that aid digestion, and they weigh up to 2kg, though there are also unfriendly bacteria.

10. You can't see the stars from the moon 🌕. This is because the sunlight reflected from the moon washes them from your view.

11. A crocodile's 🐊 scales are made up of the same material as your finger nails.

12. Research and observations have shown that not just primates, but crows, octopi, otters, bears, dolphins and elephants are also smart enough to use tools.

One of them is not a mammal, and has nine brains! Which is it? Answer in the comment section. 💬👇

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