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Discover 6 Amazing Exotic Birds

Who doesn’t like seeing beautiful birds? Exotic birds are really fascinating and have very different characteristics. Would you like to know more about some of them? In this article, discover six of them!

Source: Irodalo Emmanuel (2020)

Exotic birds you’ll love to get to know more about

There are many exotic birds, which is why making a list of all of them would take years. However, we wanted to share with you at least a small representation of this peculiar group to bring you closer to the fascinating world of birds.


The bird-of-paradise is certainly one of the most popular exotic birds. It’s a medium-sized bird that comes from New Guinea. Its colors, which vary from blue to red to a mixture of colors, make it one of the most beautiful birds in nature.

The males are even more beautiful than the females because they have long tail feathers. This bird likes solitude, which is why it’ll only seek a partner when it wants to mate. A characteristic detail is that it loves doing acrobatic movements.

Red-cheeked cordon-bleu

This bird comes from Africa and can measure up to 4 inches (11 centimeters). Generally, its colors are blue and brown with a pink beak. Males and females are easily distinguished by a red patch on the cheek that males have and females don’t.

Interestingly, males have the most attractive and bright colors, while females go more unnoticed in this regard. Is it a strategy of nature to woo the female for mating? Who knows?

Violetear (hummingbirds)

Although it may be hard for you to believe that this famous bird would make it on any list of exotic birds, it did so here!

This small bird has the characteristic of having a very big tail. The same applies to its long beak, with an extremely long tongue with tubes. Both are essential for it to obtain its food.

And, indeed, as we all know, the main characteristic of this bird is the flapping of its wings, which can move between 80 and 200 times per second, which helps it to remain in the air while it feeds.

Gouldian finch

This is perhaps one of the most striking birds from our list of exotic birds due to its combination of colors. This bird never goes unnoticed.

It can measure up to 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) and, just like the red-cheeked cordon-bleu, the male has brighter colors, while females go more unnoticed in that regard.

Regarding its colors, they may vary. For example, the head could be yellow, red, or black, while the chest could be blue or purple. However, the neck will always be bright turquoise and the belly will always be yellow. What a gift of nature!

Source: Irodalo Emmanuel (2020)

Zebra finch

This bird is very peculiar because it’s very friendly despite the fact that birds are believed to be very independent. It’s a small bird that only measures up to 3.9 inches (10 centimeters). This beautiful specimen comes from Australia.

To distinguish the male from the female, males have oranges cheeks, while females don’t. These birds are gray mixed with white and have some black spots. The legs and beak are orange.

Star finch

This beautiful bird from Australia has a good temperament and is very sociable, not only with other birds, but also with humans. It’s adaptable provided that it lives in a warm place which isn’t drafty.

Its size is about 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) and its colors are grayish-yellow with a reddish beak. The latter is what helps distinguish males from females, since males have a redder head.

This is our list of six exotic birds. Which one’s your favorite?

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