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11 Interesting Facts that you never knew!

Each and every one of us knows something, but what someone else knows, you might not know.

1. Cats can manipulate us with meows that sound like crying babies.One study published in Current Biology found that when cats used a more baby-like meow called "solicitation purring", us humans judge it as more urgent than their regular cries.

The scientists found out that only cats who lived in single-person households developed this special cry - meaning it's only something the cat acquires when it has a one-on-one relationship with it's owner.

2. China cloned an award-winning police dog.Training a puppy isn't easy, which is why a police force in China is hoping to speed up the process by cloning an award-winning dog. The cloned puppy, named Kunxum, reported for duty in March 2019. She was cloned using the DNA from current police dog Huahuangma, a seven year old Kunming wolfdog who is renowned for her detective skills. The agency hopes that the cloned puppy is adept at solving crimes as her clone. If all goes well with this pup, there could be plenty more of these cloned dogs joining the force.

3. Before alarm clocks, there were alarm humans.The job of a knocker upper originated in Britain during the Industrial Revolution, when people needed to wake up and get to work, but alarm clocks were not accessible. A knocker upper's was to take a wooden stick and knock on the door to make sure you woke up - just two or four knocks, and then they were on their way. Crazy, right?

4. Mice in Central America can sing almost 100 notes.If you thought Fictional Disney mice were the only critters that can carry a tune, then you'll be surprised to to find out about Alston's singing mouse, from Central America which are real-life musically inclined rodents. The tiny creatures communicate in sing-song conversation in which they reply to each other using around 100 audible notes.

5. Omophalophobia is the fear of belly buttons.Belly buttons are incredible, since they are responsible for nourishment. But not everyone is amazed by the tiny dots in the middle of our stomachs. Many are freaked out by it. This fear is called Omophalophobia.

6. Everyday we take about 22,000 breathsAccording to the Lung Foundation Australia, the average person breaths around 22,000 times each day. According to research, women have a higher breathing rate, which means they breathe more times than men.

7. Humans once ate giant sloths.It's hard to imagine sloths as anything other than the incredibly adorable, super-slow critters that we know and love today. But way back, when they were less big and massive, they were a delicious meal for humans.

8. Platypuses don't have stomachs.Research has shown that Platypuses, don't have stomachs. National Geographic explains that if you take a peek inside a playtpus, "you'll find a weird feature: it's gullet connects directly to it's intestines. There's no sac in the middle that secrets powerful acids and digestive enzymes". In other words, there's no stomach.

9. It would take 22.7 years to eat at every restaurant in New York City.New York, a city buzzing with chefs, has a great number of restaurant. It would take a total of 22.7 years to eat at every restaurant, one restaurant each day.

10. When you travel, your brain is on alert.It's called the "first night effect", according to a study in 2016 published by Current Biology. The left side of the brain stays more awake for the night in an unfamiliar place, so you are kind of sleeping with one eye open - in a way.

11. Sharks eat each other while in the womb.As soon as shark embryos develop teeth, they attack and eat each other in the utero. The oldest shark usually eats the small ones.

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