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Did You Know That Dogs Can See Their Own Farts?:12 Funny True Facts That Will Make You Laugh

Hello friend,Today we're going to view 12 Funny facts that are actually true and educative.

There are so many wonderful facts and hacks which we need to know.... follow me for my next article,I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Back to the matter,Bellow are 12 funny facts that will make you laugh/smile

1.Dogs are able to see their farts,That is why they tend to look back anytime they fart👇

2.Cockroaches are repulsive to humans 👇

3.Dogs feel vulnerable when pooping 👇

4.😮Male seahorse get pregnant and give birth to babies 👇

5.Similarity between Elephant and human brain 👇

6.People who are good looking don't like maths...pls what do u think about this fact!

7.Thanks to Quarantine 👇

8.Students who have no future plans end up being rich....leave a comment on your opinion about this fact👇

9.World largest traffic jam(😁Lagos is still learning)👇

10.The reason why Olympians bite their medals(we all have trust issues in this world😂😂)

11.Swans only have one partner for their whole life(Our generation needs to learn from Swans🏃🏃)

12.Sir Issac Newton's prediction about the End of the world👇

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