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Check Out Uncommon Animals That You Have Never Come Across in Your Life.

   This article is all about the shading of light on some uncommon or rare animals that only a few gets to hear about often. If you are the kind of person that likes discovering new things, I tell you are reading the right article. 

The animals you're about to see are interbreed animals while most of them were discovered. 

Below are amazing colourful beautiful and uncommon animals that most people don't know about;

(1.) Glaucus atlanticus:

 A mature Glaucus atlanticus is about 1.2inches(3cm) long.Glaucus atlanticus are pelagic organisms(they live in open sea rather than inland water). It belongs biologically to the family "Glaucidae" they feed on also pelagic organism animals eg venomous siphonophores. In water they float upside down due to the surface tension of water. , It stings on touching them, their sting can cause lots of pain, vomiting, nausea, etc. 

(2.) The Blue Parrotfish:

What makes this animals so unique is the fact that no other specie has uniform blue colour all over its body as adult. They have an average length of 12 inches to 30 inches(30cm to 75cm) and a maximum length of 48 inches(120cm). The feed on algae and tiny organism found in rocks. 

(3.) Humming bird Hawk-moth:

Hummingbird hawk-moth has proven to have great vision especially when it comes to colours; they are said to have trichromatic visual system ie having a full vision system involving the three primary colours. They feed on flowers nectar with their long proboscis(a thin tubular organ used by some insects in sucking of food[nectar]) which is about 25mm-28mm. 

(4.) Red-lipped batfish:

This weird specie "so to say" belongs to the family Ogococephalidae and genus Ogcocephalus. They the feed on small fish and also feed on creatures without backbone. They live in water of about depths 3meters to 76meters. They are bottom dwellers ie they are usually found within the ocean floor. 

(5.) The Saiga Antelope 

Saiga Antelopes can be found in grassland Steppes and semi-desert. You tend to see them in large herds eating different kind of plants.Two-third of their birth are twins while the remaining one-third are just single calves. This animal tend to die often due to unusual changes in the weather, they are said to be the most endangered animal globally. 

 Be honest, is this your first time of hearing or seeing any of these animals?  Kindly drop your comments below to express your feelings. 

Thanks for reading! 

Content created and supplied by: Samzacky (via Opera News )

Blue Parrotfish Glaucidae Glaucus


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