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Beautiful HUMAN and DOG Relationship.

Dogs have been man's best friend for 32,000 years. They are loyal companions and smarter than we give them credit.

Humans and dogs share 84% of their DNA. Despite the 16% difference between our genomes dogs are more like us emotionally than we think.

Dogs feel empathy and are emotionally aware. When you look at your dog and yawn chances are your dog might yawn too.

Dogs are the only non primitive animals to look people in the eyes without misinterpreting what it means. Unlike wolves Who interpret eye contact as a sign of hostility. With eye contact, dogs formed a special bond with us.

We have an increase in Oxytocin every time we make eye contact. Is it sometimes referred to as the Love Hormone. It plays an important role in bonding and trust. This is the first time that it has been shown that dogs and humans can interact and affects the Oxytocin Loop.

Dog see human as part of their family. When dog smells their owners, the Reward Centre Of their Brains light up. Dogs prioritise the smell of humans over all over smells.

Unlike cats or horses when dogs are scared or worried, they will run to their humans for help and comfort. Dogs understand Gesture and Social Cues. They are able to interpret hand movement and social cues. Like using the direction of human gaze to find hidden foods and objects. A task that even apes struggle with.

Dogs respond to emotional sounds and voices. They process voices the same way humans do with a similar part of their brain lighting up at the sound of human voices.

They also respond when they hear emotional sound such as crying or laughter.

Some dogs can learn new words just like children. One dog a border Collie named Rico knew more than 200 words. They use a process called fast mapping which is also used by children to learn new words.

Whole not all these dogs are the same, it is clear that the human dog relationship is unique and fascinating.

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