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6 Easy Ways To Survive A Dog's Attack

Dogs' attack could be very brutal. A lot of people have dogs in their house whether for security reasons, home-related reasons, and other associated reasons. Occasionally some accidents may attack may occur due to the animal's attack. Below are the recommended things to do survive a dog attack.

1. Stay Calm. Both fear and aggression will enhance the dog's ferocity.

2. Avoid running away from the dog or making eye contact with the dog, move away slowly while turned peripherally from the animal.

3. If it appears, the dog will attack. Get something to put between you and the animal. It could be a stick, Jacket, anything to protect yourself from the animal.

4. If the dog attacks, use a stick as a weapon and aim it at the eye and throat especially.

5. If hitting cannot be avoided. Offering a forearm to the dog to bite leaves 3 limbs free to attack the dog and protect your face and stomach.

6. After the attack, consult a doctor for the treatment of the wound. You can also notify the police or pest control about the attack.

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