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I Went to the forest To hunt and i came face to face with this strange tree [fiction]

This article is not true in any form, put a fiction.

My name is john what am about to share with you is encounter with this strange tree. It all started when I decided to go hunting, I walk about 30km before I could reach the forest, I started looking for animals to hunt down.

I couldn't find any animal, so I decided to go deeper into the forest, I walk for some minutes, then I finally reach inside the forest, all I could hear was strange noise of birds, and other animals.

Then I began to search for animals, then I came in face with a wild boar, I shot at it, I missed and the wild boar escape, then I run after the wild boar, I was not looking at the path I was running, then I kick my leg on something hard, then l lost control I fell and I hit my head so hard. I fainted for some minutes then I woke up only to find it already getting dark. I could not find my gun , the only thing I saw was the strange tree looking at me immediately I saw it , it smile at me. I was so scared, I took my hills and run for my life.

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