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This is How Dragons 'breath' out their Fires.

Dragons are such one kind of animals with unique abilities of emitting fire from their mouth. They are also one of the most prominent mythological creatures, appearing in mystical roles in legends spreading across the globe. In many cultures, dragons are seen as symbols of power.

The threat posed by a fire-breathing dragon’s mere presence makes them popular creatures which makes them more fearful to the beholder.

The Intestines of the Dragon is unlike that of humans which is compacted into Small and large intestines. In humans, intestinal gases would be excreted through burping, belching (an involuntary sound you make from the throat), and flatulence, but it can be speculated that dragons could actually store the hydrogen and methane in its body in storage sacs and call upon it for later use during fire production. I think a fire-breathing dragon is much more terrifying than any other living animal.

Now for the main part, this is how Dragons emits the fire which come out from the mouth – when a dragon grinds up large rocks, metal-rich rocks would leave residue on its teeth. Then, as the dragon releases its hydrogen- and methane-rich gas, the gas would mix with the oxygen in the air and be ignited against the metallic residue (Dove). As a result, this combination of rock-grinding and intestinal gas storage creates the perfect conditions for fire-breathing. There Is nothing spiritual about this fire-breathing animal, it is just a magical work of Science.

Have you ever seen a dragon in real life before?

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