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If You Catch This Sheep Alive, You Can Become Rich, It Could Be Sold For $352,000(133.7 million naira)

Member of the "ovis aries" family,this texel sheep is one of it's 1,170 sheep species

It's a different kind of sheep without fur on the head and legs,the texel sheep is priced at $352,000.

It can be identified with it's remarkable muscles development,leanness and 5 square inch eye.

The average weight of a mature texel sheep weighs around 100kgs, currently the most popular sheep for breeding in UK because of the quality of the meat.

It have been sold for a jaw dropping fee of $264,400 ,$152,400.with the staggering amount, it's surprising how this animal alot of people see as a lamb chops,is worth far more than you believe, absolutely perfect and being at the top of the genetic pile.

Apparently it passes on this quality to crossbred progeny,the wool is around 32 micrometers and it's mostly used for knitting wools and hosiery yarn in new Zealand, Australia,United States and across europe.

The texel sheep is characterised by a distinctive short,wide face with a black nose and widely placed,short ears with a nearly horizontal carriage.Mature animals shear fleece weights of 3.5kg to 5.5kg.

Another rare breed in the texel family is the blue texel in Holland,after that strange occurance, it's now deliberately bred to get a blue texel.

The fleece most be dense,they should stand square and balance,head should be narrow with a white halter mark,a darker head and shoulder,blue colour on the back.

What are your thoughts? Are they any chances of you seeing these may get rich by breeding and selling one of it.

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