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Strange fish with Human-Like Teeth Caught In Malaysia (Photos)

Recently, the Internet has been agog over the photos of a strange fish with a full set of teeth caught by a fisherman in Malaysia.

Its teeth bore same resemblance with that of a human being, making people to question what's sort of fish it is and whether it's actually real.

After the photos of the fish went viral on Twitter, it was verified that the fish is a specie of tigerfish which is predominant in the Malaysia region.

Currently, there are 40 species of tigerfish which live in warm waters. Most of them have bright colours.

According to National Geographic, their male species are very aggressive as they wade off Intruders such as crabs and sea urchins with their remarkable and fierce teeth.

In what looked like a comical session, Twitter users who were potty about the fish had to apply make-up on the fish all just for fun.


Other species of tigerfish:

What's your take on this fish?

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Malaysia National Geographic


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