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10 Rarest Animals In The World

Animals are loved by nearly everyone in the world, yet humans are the biggest threat to their survival.

Every single one of the animals on this list is not only rare, but also critically endangered.

10. Black-footee ferret.

Location: Arizona, wyomina, Montana and USA

Status: endangered

9. Addax

Location: Sahara Desert

Status: critically endangered

8: Northern bald Ibis

Location: southern Morocco and Syria

Status: endangered

7: cross river gorilla.

Location: forested hills and mountains of the Cameroon-Nigeria border region

Status: critically endangered

6: Saola.

Location: annamite range of Vietnam and laos

Status: critically endangered

5: Amur leopard.

Location: primorye region of southern Russia and northern China.

Status: critically endangered

4: Philippine crocodile.

Location: fragmented habitat of the island of dalupiri

Status: critically endangered

3: Sumatrian rhino.

Location: India, Bhutan, laos Indonesia and China

Status: critically endangered

2: South China tiger.

Location: Southern China

Status: critically endangered

1: Vaguita.

Location: Northern part of the gulf of California

Status: critically endangered.

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Addax Arizona Morocco Syria USA


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