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Check Out The Only Bird That Can Fly Backwards

Nature is full of amazing phenomenon some of which defiles logical sense,an example of such wonderful cases is that of the Hummingbird,the humming bird is one of the few birds specie that can fly backwards, although most animals can move both forward and backward,its extremely rare for birds to do that,in fact 99℅ of birds specie can't perform this feat. Some other birds that can fly back slightly include heron,egrets,warbles and fly catchers,these birds however requires the wind to be in their favor,The humming birds remains the only bird that can fly backwards without the help of the wind

Hummingbirds are birds which are native to America they have a small weigh of about 0.07 pounds and a length of about 5 inches, in fact 1/3 of their weight comes from the muscle in their wings they use for flying. Hummingbirds birds are quite restless and have a heartbeat that exceeds 1000 beats per minute,for such highly birds they have increased metabolism and must always eat frequently,they must eat twice their body weight to survive daily. Hummingbirds got thier names from the humming sounds their wings makes when they flap it at extreme frequencies. They are extremely manoeuvrable and can hover in midair just like helicopters. Hummingbirds are also fast with a top speed of 15miles per seconds. Hummingbirds can come in colours ranging from red to green

How do they fly backwards

Hummingbirds birds wing structures are extremely unique,they have powerful muscles which gives them a high level of flight control,others birds lacks this unique feature

Many wings fly with downstroke and upstrokes, an example is the Hawks we see in the skies,they fly by flapping thier wings up and down. However hummingbirds fly by flapping thier wings forward and backward, they pivot at about 180° at their shoulders to rotate the wings. They generate lift for thier backwards and forward strokes with the tip of thier wings tracing a horizontal figure 8 with each beat.

What do they eat?

Hummingbirds majorly feeds on nectars of flowers and other plants,their wings gives them excellent control and let them hover to suck as much nectar as they want. They also eat varieties of smaller insect. They are lovely to keep as pets 

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