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This Hybrid Of Lion And Tiger Weighed 921 Pounds, and Crowned As The Biggest Cat In The World

42 million years ago, there was a type of mammal known as a saber-toothed tiger with long and sharp teeth.

This mammal believed to have disappeared from the earth, but the technology today has succeeded in creating a hybrid of a lion and tiger, called ‘liger’, said to be able to compete with the saber-toothed.

One of the ligers is Hercules who lives in Myrtle Beach Safari Park, South Carolina and owned by Bhagavan Antle and his son Kody Antle. Weighed around 921 pounds, Hercules attracts the world and crowned as the biggest cat by the Guinness World Record.

This liger is crowned as the biggest cat in the world.

Credit: Instagram

Not only that, the center that offers visitors the opportunity to interact with animals like elephants, tigers, eagles and monkeys also introduced Apollo, a white liger weighing 701 pounds.

Apollo is a hybrid of a white male lion and a white female tiger, making it even more special.

Credit: Instagram

According to the Guinness World Record, Hercules’ daily diet consisted of almost 30 pounds of beef or chicken a day.

As interesting as it seems, there’s actually a controversy going around ligers as animal conservation groups disagree on how this breed didn’t share natural habitat in the wild and didn’t breed naturally.

However, the safari claimed that the breeding effort of the liger is actually intended to help the survival of the world’s tiger population.

Credit: Instagram

It also stated that the breeding was never to create a cross-species that they can show off to the visitors. On its website, the organization also explains that they hope to rescue exotic animals such as tiger that failed to breed naturally in the wild due to human activities that destroy their natural habitat.

“There’s a lot of investment in tiger conservation efforts. Currently, only 3,000 tigers are left in the wild and the only way to avoid extinction is through breeding”, explains them.

Watch how big is liger in this video:

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