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Meet The Beautiful Bird 'Surakav' That Changes Colour Every Seconds

Have you heard about Surakav if not, then you're in to be amazed at the wonderful creation of nature!

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Picture Of Surakav

Surakav is also known as Anna's hummingbird, it is one of the most interesting and beautiful birds globally. It is common in North America. The bird is most fascinating and different from other specie of birds. It's a beautiful creation of mother earth. Surakav is most commonly known by North Americans as the colour changing bird. This special bird can change colour every seconds, it's speed of changing colour is so rapid that about 19 different photographers took a whole 62 days to capture photos and finish the shoot. A colour changing ability of the amazing Surakav attract a very high price also. It cost is valued around 25lakh rupees which makes it a very expensive bird. It's availability is also in high demand as various individual's want to keep this phenomenal bird as a pet. Surakav In a different Shade of colour

Actually Surakav is a special type of hummingbird, it changes colour with its every sassy head movement. Moreover, it keeps you at awe as you get a chance to see different shades of colour changes when the bird is moving its head.

Surprisingly, the changing colours of Surakav is a sure delight to our eyes. When seen at very diverse angles, the feathers show luminous colours that seems to change every given second.

Nature blessed us with many beauties and Surakav is definitely one of those!

Pretty amazing, huh? Which do you think is the most unique bird in the world asides this? Share with us in the comment section, we'd love to hear from you!

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