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Wildlife pictures that went viral on the internet but have been proven to be fake

Did you notice any pattern with these pictures below? If you have not figured it out yet, they are all cold blooded. We will come to that later.

What irks me about these pictures is the obvious animal cruelty. These animals were either dead or partially sedated to prop them up for these wildlife shoots.

I know we all see these amazing side of nature photographs and exclaimed with awe on how the photographers managed to get these perfect shout. But there is more to these pictures. Some of these so called wildlife photographers sometimes sedate or immobilise these animals then prop them up in these poses to get their perfect clicks. Sometimes, they use glue after the animal is long dead.

Toads/frogs like to have their skins wet, so why will a frog be holding a leaf as an umbrella when it's raining?

Look at this guy dancing like a kid around the campfire, does this look natural to you?

These toads are taking a hike on the back of a croc. 😂😂

This toad who is so friendly with his slimy neighbours.

The most popular of all the pictures is this lizard posing as a guitar man. Maybe he is playing a love song to attract mating partners. 😂😂

I called this "don't leave me hanging" frogs can't assume this sort of position.

I know that oddities do exist in the wild but common why will you kill an animal just for your own selfish gain which to get recognition as a wildlife photographer?

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