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Don't miss this, 5 most dangerous dog breeds in the world(photos)

on, they are regarded as man’s best friend, they are playful, loyal and friendly but note that they can also be dangerous depending on the breed.

However, these five breed of dogs are the most dangerous you would ever come across in the world

American Pit bull terrier

The American pit bull can be very deadly, they are so intelligent, medium sized with short hair, well known for their strength, confidence and zest for life. They have been banned in many countries of the world 


The Rottweiler breed is known for its hot temper and can be dangerous to humans, they have to be trained continuously to avoid bad scenes

German shepherd

 German shepherds are also popular dog breeds, they are considered the third most intelligent dog breeds, they are often used in the police because of their intelligence and they attack fiercely

American bulldog

This breed of dog is athletic, strong, agile and is enduring 


They are intelligent, smart, athletic and energetic, they are temperamental hence they need to be trained properly, they can be reliable and obedient, they are often used as guard dogs 

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American German Rottweiler


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