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Nigeria Is Blessed: Meet The Monkey Species That Can Only Be Found In Nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed land, there is no two ways about it. Nigeria is a land blessed with rich soil, lush vegetation and beautiful species of animals. Unfortunately, some of these animals aren’t conserved and this puts them at the risk of extinction. Extinction meaning that they might be completely wiped off the surface of the earth as a result of human activities such as deforestation and hunting. One of such animals that are on the verge of extinction is the Drill monkey.

The drill, is a short tailed monkey and it is one of the most endangered species in Africa. Drill monkeys are distant relatives to the mandrill monkeys (remember the monkey from The Lion King), though their faces aren’t as colorful. Drill monkeys are also very friendly and shy animals. The drill monkey has a very black face with a beautiful red finish on under their lower lip which resembles a lipstick. The most attractive part of this animal has to be their bottoms- their bottoms are very colorful and funny to look at. The male genitals of the drill are usually red in color while other drills have shades of purple, blue and lilac on their bottoms. The male drill monkey with the most colorful bottoms occupies the highest rank.

Drill monkeys are known for their beautiful smiles. They display their teeth while moving their heads back and forth. This gesture is known as an appeasement grin. Male drills attract their potential mates by smiling and smacking their lips at the female monkeys.

Drill monkeys are very rare and they can only be found in Nigeria and Cameroon between the Sanaga and Cross Rivers. The Calabar Drill Monkey Ranch is home to Drill monkeys and other primates that are on the point of extinction. The Ranch is an artificial forest whose space is not up to that of a football field. The ranch houses the drill monkey, chimpanzees, crawling animals and assorted birds. The Drill Ranch in Calabar is the only enclosure established in Africa for the Drill monkeys.

This is a very interesting animal don’t you agree? Would like to see such an animal? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Nigeria Galleria

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