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Top 5 Dog Breeds That Are Best For Guarding Nigerians Home

Nowadays, the high rate of crime and stealing is very alarming especially in major cities and the most prefer security that can be kept at homes is dog.

When I say dog, I did not mean a domestic dog that can even be stolen by hunters, there are different kinds of dogs’ bread, there is a dog that can even kill a lion, what I really mean are dogs that just by mere looking can scare or frighten people.

Here is a list of the best 5 dog bread you should consider guarding your home with.

German shepherd 

The German shepherd is a breed of medium to large seized working dog that originated in Germany. According to the FCI, the breads English language name is German shepherd dog.


The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium to large or large. The dogs were known in Germans Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweiler butcher’s dog because their main use was to head livestock. They are obedient, fearless and good natured.

Boer boel 

The Boerboel is a large mastiff type dog from South Africa with a black mask and a short coat. This dog bread is large with a strong bone structure. Its head appears blocky with a short length 

 Cane Carso

The canecarso is an Italian breed of mastiff. It is used for personal protection, tracking, and enforcement, as a guard dog and as a companion dog.


 The Dobbemann or Dobbermann pitcher in the United State and Canada is a medium large breed of domestic dog. They are intelligent, fearless and energetic.  




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