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10 Interesting Fact About The Great White Shark

Great white shark are the largest predatory fish on earth. They grow to an average of 15 feet in length and weighing up to 5,000 pounds. Great white shark live and hunt on the coast of every continent in the world expect Antarctica.

Here are the interesting facts:-

1. Great white shark cannot be held captive because they will stop eating and continuously run into the aquarium walls until they die.

2.They are amazing hunters armed with strong muscles, good eye sight and great sense of smell. They can sense blood in the water from about 3 miles away.

3. They are identified by their gray skin, white bellies, bullet shaped bodies and a triangular teeth.

4.Their massive jaws are armed with large sharply pointed teeth. Each tooth is designed to cut flesh and can easily puncture and shatter bone.

5. Once they fed, they can go a whole 3 months without having to eat another meal.

6. When great white shark are young, they feed on smaller prey like fish and rays. As they grow larger they feed on sea lions and smaller whales.

7.female Great white shark grow much larger then males.

8. When great white shark smell the blood of another white shark, they will immediately leave the Area swimming 100 miles away.

9. They do not have eyelids, instead their eyes roll back into their head to protect them from damage when attacking preys.

10.Female white shark are pregnant for 11 months, giving birth to small litter of 2-12 young ones.

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Great White Shark


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