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See The Largest Rabbit In The World That Is Fed With 2.8 Million Naira Per Year (Pictures)

Rabbits are lovely animals that are bred and sometimes taken as food. They have hardly ever been regarded as one of the giant animals or even compared in size with any other animal for that matter. However, Darius The Rabbit has brought about a change in this belief with his enormous body mass. 

This rabbit is originated from the Continental Breeds of rabbits, which are known to grow up to 4 inches in size. And the owner claims that the rabbit is a prized possession of hers, including the rabbit's offspring, known as Jeff

But, before the offspring, Jeff was born, Darius was the largest rabbit globally, with no competitor even coming close to his size. This changed when Jeff was born and, at a tender age, was already 3 feet, 8 inches long, that being about 2 inches shorter than Darius.

According to Coastdaily, it was sourced that the rabbit owner is Annette Edwards, who is from Bromsgrove in the United Kingdom. The owner keenly looks forward to that day that the largest rabbit in the world position will be transferred from Darius to Jeff.

When she was asked about the enormous size attained by both rabbits, she explained that it was because of her selective cross-breeding between different continental rabbits, the world's most giant rabbit breeds.

Darius was crossbred with another continental, which was 3 feet, 5 inches long; hence Jeff took the gene of the father and mother, which explains how he is almost as large as Darius despite that he still has over six months of growing left to do.

Regarding the feeding of these two giant rabbits, Annette mentioned that they both consume a large amount of food. She estimated that it costs her about $7,500 to feed her rabbit for a whole year, according to Caternews.

Well, to Annette, $7,500 might not be a lot of money, but when converted to the Nigerian Naira, it is worth precisely 2,859,000.06 Naira based on the current conversion rates. Hence, this rabbit is fed with approximately 2.8 million Naira in just a year. 

Below are more pictures of the rabbits:

Since the rabbits love carrots and apples, she buys about 2,000 carrots and 700 apples to feed them, excluding other miscellaneous feed they consume daily. Not only this, but they also eat a considerable Dog's bowl-full specialist rabbit feed, including the whole bale of hay that they finish in just a week.

However, Annette did not complain about how much food they eat because she believes they are worth every penny she spends on them every day. She also considers them the best animal friends she could ever have wished for.

Even though this rabbit is giant, it does not require much labor for its upkeep because it takes care of itself most of the time. It feeds and drinks on its own without supervision from anyone.

They are allowed to move freely about through the garden during the day, and they retire into their cozy crate at nightfall.

Tell us, can you rear an animal as large as this rabbit?

If you are the owner of the rabbit, would you feed it with so much money? 

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