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30+ Perfectly Timed Pictures That will Make You Look Twice and Carefully Before You Understand

With the combination of a luck, skill and being at the right place at the right time, some people have been able to capture some remarkable moment.

Some perfect moments can be very confusing that you have to look twice and carefully before you will understand the picture. Below are 30 perfectly timed pictures you will find quiet amazing.

1. Is she sitting on a Zebra or what?

2. Please help me locate her second leg!

3. Is he trying to steal the moon or what?

4. Are they gossiping?

5. What is happening? Why is the ball so big?

6. Looks like they are floating on what, or what do you see?

7. Is he really walking on that curve?

8. This is really perfectly timed.

9. What is that behind him? Looks like even the spirits are enjoying his music.

10. Is he doing that stunt on thin air?

11. Is that a water frame?12. What is that dog trying to do?

13. Is she trying to swallow a full grown man?

14. That's actually a basketball not what you are thinking.

15. Is that a man's head being burnt inside that brief case?

16. How come the horn is so long!

17. Please where is that rainbow coming from?

18. Catwoman?19. What is going on here?

20. Looks like she is a character in that book she is reading.

21. Is that man urinating?

23. Is that a horse man?

24. Is he really dancing on water?

25. How come the cat looks transparent!

26. Is that Mr long hand from fantastic four? Definitely not.

27. Just perfect.

28. Are dragons back?


30. Looks like the bird is equal to the task.



33. Dog inside bubble, or am I seeing something else?

34. Is the rainbow coming out from that rubber?

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