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'K9 Dogs' - A Dog Trained By Security Operatives To Search For Explosive Devices And Do Other Things

Maximum security is an important thing that every country must try to achieve so that its citizens can sleep with both eyes closed. To do this, a country must have well trained security operatives who are always on ground to ensure that the lives of people in a given country are saved. While humans engage in rigorous training as security operatives, dogs are also trained and used to improve the security situation of a place.

The K-9 dogs as they are called are a group of police dogs which are basically used to search for drugs and explosives, locate missing people, attack people who security operatives have targeted, etc. 'K-9' is a pun upon the word canine which is the part of the teeth that is responsible for tearing. The breeds which are mostly use include Bloodhound, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and the retriever breeds.

A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Man Training With A K-9 Dog [File Photo: Voice TV Nigeria]

These dogs are trained by the Nigerian Air Force and by the time they are done with the training, the dogs are deployed to the Airport and NAF to safeguard the place. The K-9 dogs which have been helpful to Nigerians and even the whites is quite different from any other kinds of dogs, in that it is a criminal offense when a police dog is killed either by intentional injury or killing.

The major reason why K-9 dogs can be used to detect the smell of an explosive is due to the fact that when they are exposed to the explosives, they tend to get used to such smell so that when next the dog perceives such smell, it starts whipping its tail to signify 'danger'.

[Credit: Voice TV Nigeria]

Do you think the Police, Army and the Nigerian Air Force should start using K-9 dogs like never before in the fight against terrorism?

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