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8 Unexpected Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets

Pets are animals that are kept by many individuals for diverse reasons or purposes. Most pets such as dogs, birds, cats are commonly seen around their owners. However, these pets can transmit some diseases to their owners. The unexpected diseases you can get from your pets will be discussed in this article.

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Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets:

1 Hookworm: this can enter the body through your skin if you walk on the poop of an infected pet bare footed. Symptoms of hookworm include: itchy feet with redlines, diarrhea or stomach pain.

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2 Rabies: this virus can be transmitted through the spit of pets when they bite you. Symptoms include: feverish feeling, confusion, nervousness, insomnia etc. Rabies can kill in a few days if you don't get the right medication.

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3 Toxoplasmosis: cats can spread this parasite through their poop. It can cause probelm in pregnant women or individuals with weak immune system. Symptoms includes: fever, muscle aches, blurry eyes etc

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4 Cat scratch disease: it is a bacterial infection that can be gotten through a bite or scratch from your pet.

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5 Ringworm: It can be gotten from pets such as: dogs, horses, cats when you touch them.

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6 Salmonella.

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7 Psittacosis.

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8 Lyme disease.


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