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Check Out 5 Animals Associated With Evil Due To Traditional & Religious Beliefs

In some African traditions and religions, there are some beliefs that certain animals are associated with evil. Check out below, 5 animals associated with evil due to traditional and religious beliefs;

1. Serpent

The devil in the Bible is many times introduced as a serpent, especially when the serpent deceived Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Also, some African traditions myth or stories talks about worshipping snakes and this has made people see them in this way.

2. Owl

Image Credit: Pixabay

Owl has always been seen as an evil bird because of the nature of its looks. They are considered unclean and undesirable and associated with which doctors and shamans. They are also seen as spies and nailing this bird to a door is believed to protect the home in some traditional beliefs.

3. Cat

Image Credit: International Cat Care

Cats are another animal that was associated with witches and evil. This was common in the middle age of Europe and parts of Africa as some traditional beliefs see them as witches messengers. Some tales believe that cats have seven lives as well.

4. Pigs

Image Credit: Vox

Pigs are seen as unclean animals most especially when Jesus Christ cast demons into the body of pigs in the Bible. Islam and Judaism see this animal as unclean as well and because of that, they don't eat it while in Buddhism pigs symbolise delusion.

5. Bats

Image Credit: Animal Control Specialist

Myth has always associated this bird with darkness and evil for the longest time. They are perceived as strange and frightening animals as well because of their nature. Vampire bats are also known to drink blood making people see bats as evil.

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