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Lessons About Love Humans Could Actually Learn From Animals (Photos)

Love as one may define it is a strong feeling of affection one has for another. This kind of love can referred to as an agape love. A love that has no selfish interest, but one that is genuine. Sad to say that humans for the past decades has lost interest in the showing of love to one another, as killings and inhumane acts has taken hold of the human race. But despite all these, man can as well learn on how to show love to their fellow humans from from Animals. The lion is known as the king of the jungle and also a carnivores animal. Therefore, he feeds on flesh of his fellow animal.

But a picture surfaced online, showing a lion carrying and taking care of a young baboon. And the baboon feels comfortable with the lion. On the other hand is a picture of an adult baboon also carrying and taking care of a lion cub. A perfect example of showing love. The lion could have killed and eaten the young baboon, but he chose not to do so but to protect the young baboon. Below are some pictures of the lion and the baboon;

What do you have to say about picture?

Can humans actually learn from this picture to learn how to live in peace with fellow humans, despite their ethnic, cultural and language differences?

You are welcomed to write down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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