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If You Are Among Those Who Play With Cats; See What A Single Bite Can Do To You- Doctor

So many people love playing with cats, without knowing that the are carriers of potential disease causing pathogens. The joy you derive from playing with cats could turn sour if it happens to bite you.

It's been discovered that cat bites could be very dangerous. It therefore means that it is not right for parents to leave your kids with cats. Its very dangerous as one bite from cat bite could make you spend thousands of your money in the hospital trying to save the life of your kids.

Cat bites contains the term Bartonella henselae lives in cat and can be transmitted to human. Medically, it's been discovered that when the been is transfered to humans it is capable of causing;

1. Fever called cat scratch fever.

2. Blisters

3. Swollen nodes, I.e swelling of lymphatic draining nodes

In addition to avoiding cat bites, also do well to avoid scratches & fleas.

It can be gotten from animal bites, stings, or saliva.

It has also been verified that Cat scratch fever is Kore common in people with reduced immunity such as cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS patients and those with translated organs.

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Bartonella henselae Blisters


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